Friday, 21 June 2013

30 Day Snap #21 | THERE'S A FROG IN THE HOUSE!

Hello everyone...

If you are still unsure what the 30 Day Snap is then check THIS out.

No you're not going crazy, that is a frog sitting in my living room just causally chilling watching the TV. Me and Oli was watching a film last night when the film finished and Oli turned the light on, all I hear is him shriek (yes that's right shriek!) "THERE'S A FROG IN THE HOUSE!...THERE'S... A... FROG... IN... THE... HOUSE!" and as you can imagine there's me thinking what the hell is he on about! and of course I was the one that had to get the frog out of the house. It had somehow managed to get through the back door across the kitchen and into the living room and chill there for I don't know how long haha weird thing!

Let me know how your day went, and if you are taking part in the 30 Day Challenge then leave your links below :)

Speak soon 
Much love


  1. Oh noo! how did he get in? I don't like frogs :( haha xx

    Sinead |

    1. We had our back door open as it was warm outside. The house on the end of our street has a pond so I think he went on an adventure haha

      he wasn't too bad for a frog kinda cute haha