Monday, 17 June 2013

30 Day Snap #16 | 3 stages of sleep

Hello everyone...

If you are still unsure on what the 30 Day Snap is you can check THIS out..

Today must of been a good day because Tia decided to have a 2 hour nap which resulted in me and Oli falling asleep for an hour. There's always something about the sound of someone sleeping that makes me and Oli so tired an fall alseep.  Tia's the same if me or Oli end up falling asleep while she's sitting on us she will drift off aswell. Weird family haha anyway... Tia fell asleep on Olis lap while he was playing FIFA and she was on the iPad and then he managed to get up and move she stayed asleep then when we woke up from out naps on the sofa we saw her laying on her front (middle picture) finally we decided to try and wake her she wasn't having any of it we even picked her up say her on my lap and put a DVD on but nope lol she eventually woke up when Oli got her juice haha!

 Hope you all had a good day and any dads out there reading this I hope your littlens made your day special :) 
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Speak soon 
Much love 

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