Sunday, 16 June 2013

30 Day Snap #15 | Couldn't resist

Hello everyone...
If you are still unsure on what the 30 Day Snap is you can check THIS out..

So today me and Oli went to norwich to get a our iPads screen fixed at the apple store which resulted in them giving us a new one which was lucky :) and while I was in the apple store I had a look at the cases for the iPhone5 as I wanted one that would protect the whole phone if I dropped it, seems Tia likes to play on my phone when we're out and about. You can never be too careful. Plus the father-in-law (to-be) told me off about not having a good case and gave me the money to get one it would of  been rude not to ;) so I got a pink impact band which is meant to be a shock absorbing kinda thing. Well best work as it cost £20! In norwich we walked passed a little sweet shop and I noticed they sell jolly ranchers!! Mmmm these aren't properly sold in the UK but some small shops sell them and they are one of my favourite American sweets (I'd end up diabetic if I loved in the US) so I couldn't resist getting a bag of these and Oli was nice enough to treat me :) 
We did go into lush but I'm keeping that for a different post ;)

Hope you liked this post, sorry it's abit long, leave comments and your links below if you are taking part in the 30 Day Snap. I'd love to see :)

Speak soon. 
Much love

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