Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Soap & Glory | Kick Ass concealer | Review & my thoughts

While I was in Great Yarmouth I popped into Boots and had a little look at their make-up range as the Boots where I live is absolutely rubbish! It has about 2 or 3 make-up stands and thats about it! Anyway I came across the soap&glory counter, now I haven't tried anything from soap&glory before so I had a good look and as I'm slowly turning into a concealer junkie, I noticed their 'Kick Ass' concealer, well the name automatically drew me in and the packaging of it is amazing. I'm like a magpie when it comes to packaging! I'm a complete sucker for it.

 I mean just how nice is the packaging on that right? I didn't buy this when I was in Yarmouth I done some research read some reviews and then decided to buy it from boots while I was in bury with my mum so I knew what shade to get. Unfortunately it only comes in light or medium which is a pain but if you have a tan of any kind or olive undertones in your skin then I suggest getting medium, the light one is more for people with salmon undertones or very very pale skin. 

As I have olive under tones in my skin I picked up the medium shade, I did try the light shade but it came out far too light on my skin! 

There are 3 stages to this concealer which I think it's really good and worth the money. The bottom compartment holds stage one and two which are an undereye brightening concealer and an 'on the spot' as-you-need-it complexion concealer. It also has a nice compact sized mirror for touch ups on the go.

This is what the concealers look like on the skin. The top one is step two  and the bottom is step one.

As you can see both concealers blend in nicely with my skin tone, I usually have trouble with some concealers being too dark or too light for my skin tone but this one I don't have any trouble with what so ever!

The other compartment which is on the top is step 3 which is a weightless transparent  setting powder, with INSTA-FIX™ polymer technology, you also get a little compact applicator, I haven't used this as I like to use my Real Techniques setting brush for this. I love love love this setting powder it feels so soft when applied and truly is weightless. This has definitely got to be the best setting powder I have ever tried!

Before                          After

The under eye concealer is amazing! I love everything about it, its really creamy and easy to apply and doesn't look cakey under your eyes, also it with the setting powder it doesn't set into the creases of you eyes, and does give you a glow. The complexion concealer is great for  covering spots and any redness, I like to use mine around my nose and on any spots I might have.

I don't know what else I can say about this concealer apart from it really is "Kick Ass" and definitely think its a great investment for any girl :) I personally think this concealer is better then my MAC Pro Longwear concealer and £5 cheaper!! I love how compact this concealer is and has everything you need in one little compact, great for travelling, or for touch ups on the go!  

Overall View
  • Overall rating of this product: 10/10
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes!!!
  • Would I repurchase this product: Yes definitely 
  • Will I be trying any other products from this brand: Yes, I'm interested to know if the rest of their products are as good as this one or if this is a one hit wonder for them.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tired this product or anything else from soap & glory and what you thought of it, and what you would recommend from their line.

Speak soon.
Much Love.


  1. ooo thanks for doing this post as I have been considering buying this for a while now and now you have made up my mind xx

    1. Personally I think its amazing, I've been struggling with under eye concealers for a while now and this has been the best one for me :) worth getting :) please let me know what you think of it when you've tried it :) xx

  2. This looks pretty awesome. I'm using Benefit erase paste at the moment and have just done a post on under eye concealers! Lovely blog! X

    1. thanks i had a read of it good post :) i might have to try benefit :) please follow if you havent already xx

  3. I love Soap & Glory makeup, but haven't tried this yet. Need a trip to Boots now :) x

    1. let me know what you think of it. i got a feeling im goling to hit pan on mine soon lol :) x

  4. Love soap & glory but only tried the mascara so far! Will have to go and have a look the weekend! x

  5. I just bought this and have been loving it! Soap & Glory makeup has been really impressing me!!


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