Monday, 6 May 2013

Simple Soothing Kind To Eye Balm || Review, Must Have Product

Hello everyone..
So in my monthly favourites I mentioned Simples, soothing kind to eye, balm and quite honestly I then thought that this product really needed its own little post :)
Now due to being a mother of a 2 year old, Its fair to say my under eye area is looking a bit dull and mature for my age, 2years of broken sleep, night feeds (baby stage), late nights early mornings, teething (still ongoing with molars) and just quite honestly neglect, you can imagine one tired look 22 year old over here.

So.. after realising I needed to get my butt in gear and do something about it, and speaking to  a MAC consultant about my concealer looking cakey under my eyes, she recommended I used an eye cream, MACs one of course but I thought I'd hunt out a cheaper one before investing.

I had previously used some eye creams but I didn't really like them. So i was in tescos and saw the Simple soothing kind to eye balm and it was only £3.99 so thought id give it a try! after all if it didn't work its only £4 I've lost out on right?

Anyway I've now been using this eye cream for about a month so I have a fair fixed opinion about it. I use it every morning before applying my concealer and in the evenings before bed I apply quite a thick layer to my under eye not fully patting/smoothing it into the skin so it forms a thick layer over my skin and will soak in though the night and honestly this works! my puffy eyes are basically gone and my dark circles have improved by about 60% in a month!! I can't believe it!!

I can definitely see and feel a difference in the condition of my under eyes, so much so my MAC concealer is now working better for my under  eyes :) (yay) you can check out my MAC concealer review here 

Sadly I don't have before and after pictures as I wasn't expecting to do this post :(
But if you're in the market for a good eye cream but don't want to spend a fortune I highly recommend this one!! 

Overall view:
  • Does this product do what it claims to: Yes!
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes! no question about it!
  • Would I repurchase: Definitely! I wont be using another eye cream from now on!
  • Is this product worth the money: Yes its so inexpensive and just brilliant!
Hope you liked this post! Let me know if you have tried this eye cream or if you have a favourite eye cream :)

Speak soon
Much love


  1. Hmm, this brand Simple is getting famous ;). I love their facial wipe cleanser :). Absolutely worthy :) Thanks for the review, I may as well check out their other products :)

    1. Iv used their cleansing wipes for years and used to use some other products of theirs when I was a teenager but never really payed attention to them but now I'm older and wiser I'm loving their products :) hehe love them x

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