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My current || Hair care

Hello everyone...
I thought I'd share with you my current hair care routine, as I've got to say I'm pretty impressed and happy with the condition of my hair and I think its all thanks to my current routine..

Ok so let me start off by saying I started getting my hair cut regularly about a year ago, Id go to my hair dresser what started off every 6weeks, my hair was in quite bad condition and I wanted to start growing it. But now thanks to these products and some little changes I've made, I've started going to the hairdresser less as my hairdresser first off recommended I start going every 8 weeks, so I done that a couple times and last time I went she recommended I only need to come every 10 weeks , my next appointment is 10th june and my hairs only just starting to look damaged as I dyed it a couple days ago, Pretty impressive I think :)

I'll start by talking about the Shampoo and Conditioner I have been using for about 6 months or so now.
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Conditioner
They have recently changed the packaging of these, but I love them! They don't leave any build up in your hair and make your hair feel soft and healthy, I have changed the way I apply my conditioner though, I used to put it all over my hair like I do with shampoo but recently I have been only applying it to the length and ends of my hair avoiding the roots. Since doing this my hair can go longer in-between washes. 

Natural Macadamia Repair Masque
I love this product! everyone in America raves about this stuff and I can definitely see why! Not only does it work wonders on your hair it also smells amazing! I use this every other wash, and it leaves my hair soft, strong, less visible damage and smelling great! what more can you ask for!! I only bout a small 100ml size but it has lasted me since mothers day and I'm not even half way through yet! I just wish they bought this out in the UK! But you can find it on amazon, it is a bit pricey but 100% worth it!

Lush Roots Hair Treatment
I try to use this once a fortnight but to be honest I haven't used this in a while! Need to start using it again! But it is definitely a holy grail product if you are wanting to grow your hair out. Check out my blog post HERE to see the difference this product makes just in 3 weeks (2 uses)  

got2b Guardian Angel Heat Defence 
Again I love this product! Alot of people have raved about this product on youtube and for good reason, this really does protect your hair from the heat and it smells great too! I personally love the smell of it! I TRY to use this product before blow drying and straightening my hair ( I do forget sometimes) But if you are looking for a good heat protection spray I recommend this one!

Leo Bancroft Argon Oil
I got this in tesco for £5 but when i searched online i cant find it anywhere? Hmmm.. 
I've never used an argon oil before but with so many people raving about them on youtube and in blogs I decided I would have to give it a try! This stuff really is a life saver! It reduced the appearance of my split ends drastically! You literally only need the smallest amount on the palm of you hands and work into towl dried/damp hair before blow drying and it leaves your hair noticeably soft and healthier. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry
I've only just really started using a dry shampoo in the past month or so and I did pick up superdrugs own one but that was absolute rubbish, so I thought I'd give Batiste a go as again so many people have raved about this on youtube and blogs, and I'm so glad I did give it a dry its great! really does give your hair an extra day of life between washes, one thing I will say though is if you have dark hair like I do this one will leave a white mist in you hair but once you've rubbed it in you good to go. I have however ran out of this one and did purchase the one for brunettes and I love it! although I now get brown fingers tips from rubbing that into my hair  (can't win haha) would not be without it though :D

So that's the products I have recently been using on my hair the past few months. I have also been straightening and blow drying my hair a lot LESS, I let it hair dry about once a week just to  give it a break from the heat of the hair dryer. I used to straighten my hair all the time but as we've been having rubbish weather and I rarely wear my hair down I only straighten my hair now probably once a week, depending how I'm feeling or if I can manage to blow dry it straight :)

I can honestly say since I have been doing this and using these products I have noticed a HUGE difference in the condition of my hair and my hair is now the longest it has ever been.

I hope this post helps anyone that is looking for tips and tricks on how to grow their hair or just improve the condition of it, and if your not then I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

Speak soon
Much love

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