Thursday, 30 May 2013

An Image Says A Thousand Words | The 30 Day Snap | Sprinkle of Glitter's Tag

Hello everyone...
So I was reading Louise's blog (Sprinkle Of Glitter, check out her blog) and shes come up with a great idea for June.
She's called it the 30 Day Snap, link to her post HERE

So i decided that, as I've been slacking on my blog, this would be a great thing to do! Plus I'm getting an Iphone 5th june so perfect timing :) (i currently own a blackberry :( but use my ipad for pictures) 
Basically the aim of this is to take one picture a day throughout the month of June and post it on your blog, everyday! The photo can be anything and if you want you can write a little paragraph about the picture or just post the picture.

It's open to everyone and I challenge you all to do it! If you do decide to do it please please please let me know I'd love to read your blogs :) 

Please show your support and follow my blog on GFC. Also please nominate me for Cosmos best new beauty blog. The link is on my side bar :) and for all you on Facebook I now have a Facebook page for my blog please check it out :) 
All my links are on my side bar. 
Have a good day. Can't wait to see all your pictures 

I tag: 
Ashley London
Fleur De Force
And everyone to do this I think it will be great :) 

Well speak soon. 
Much love 

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