Saturday, 6 April 2013

Urban Decay | Naked 2 Palette | Review and my thoughts

So recently I was saving up for another shopping trip me and my mum had planned for around the middle of April, just for a little mother/daughter day. But shamefully we've had to cancel it for later on in the year :( 
One of the main things I was planning to buy when we went was the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, so as I'm inpatient and terrible with savings I decided to use what I had saved and buy the palette online seems debenhams had free postage on orders over £30 instead of the usual £50 (result!) and if you bought any of the UD naked range you go a free travel sized 10ml all nighter setting spray :)
I already have the setting spray in 30ml so I gave the freebie to my mum ;)

Anyway enough rambling.. 
The naked2 palette looks like this..

The case for this palette is a metal tin and it has a full palette size mirror which is great however I feel it doesn't sit on its own very well :/ maybe I'm not placing it properly, who knows.
As you can see the colours have a cooler/taupy tone to them. 
The colours are;
Foxy: A nice matte nude shade. Perfect for blending and transitioning colours for a gorgeous smoky eye.
Half Baked: A beautiful golden colour, which is also in the original naked palette.
Bootycall: A gorgeous light shimmery pink, perfect for the inner corners of the eyes and a lovely highlight
Chopper: A coppery colour with a lot of glitter and shimmer.
Tease: A matte brownie/beige biscuit colour more on the cooler side of a brown rather then a warm shade.
SnakebiteA beautiful golden/chocolate brown shade.!
Suspect: A very pale golden taupe high shimmer colour!
PistolA dark silver with a hint of taupey/green, perfect for paler skin tones.
Verve: A gorgeous light silver colour, with a pinky undertone. 
YDK: A cool tone shimmery bronze, stunning colour!
BustedA nice dark shimmery plummy brown.
Blackout: A absolutely stunning matte black, can be as dark as you want/need perfect for using as a eyeliner with an eyeliner brush

As like with the other UD palettes, the eye shadows are highly pigmented and very creamy/velvety to touch. As you can see the majority of these eye shadows are shimmer/glitter, with three matte colours, however most of them are still wearable for a day time look as the shimmer is not too over powering.

This is the Double ended brush that comes with the palette

 As I mentioned before this brush is exclusive to the Naked2 palette, one end is their Good Karma Shadow brush, and the other end is their Good Karma crease brush. these brushes are  amazing, they are very durable and the shadow brush end, picks up the shadow very well and disputes the shadow nicely and evenly.
The crease brush blends the shadows really well and even though the brush hairs are strong they are very fluffy an durable.
This brush is everything you will need to create a nice smoky eye. Two brushes in one what more could you ask for as a freebie?

Now as for the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss..

This is what is included instead of the eye shadow primer potion, which is great if you already have the primer potion from the original Naked palette, however if you chose the Naked2 instead of getting the original, then it doesn't really make sense to have a lip gloss :/ however I suppose it does complete a look for a night out.
Now I'm going to be completely honest, when I first tried the lip gloss, I hated it! I thought it smelt too strong of a sweet mint and personally thought it made my lips dry and irritated.
However after giving it another try I figured out it in fact wasn't the lip gloss that irritated my lips it was something else and the lip gloss itself it actually quite nice, it doesn't feel tacky on you lips and the colour is a lovely deep pinky/nude.
One thing I will say is that when you first open it, it does take few squeezes for the colour of the lip gloss to come out, to begin with you just get a clear gloss come out, which I think is what irritated my lips. :(

So all in all I really like this palette and think it is great for the winter months with the cooler shades, or for anyone who has a cooler skin tone, (Mine is more on the warmer side) But is definitely a must have in every girls make-up collection, and the freebies that come with it make it worth every penny, and of course the colours are amazing :)

Overall view
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes, perfect for cooler skin tones or if you want more winter shades.
  • Do I think this product is worth the money: Yes definitely!
  • Do I think the product lives up to the hype: Yes well and truly.
  • Overall rating of this product: Again another 10/10 I know I know, but what can I say its amazing :) 

Hope this wasn't too long for you all and hope you enjoyed :)
Id love to know any thoughts and views you might have on this palette.

Speak soon.
Much Love


  1. Good for you! I'm thinking of getting one for myself the palette 1 cuz I wanna try the eye primer. The naked 2 look good too!

    Great review! Keep up the good work girly ;)

    1. Aww thanks :) yeah you should definitely invest in the 1st one the colours would go great with your skin tone, but the 2nd one is also worth a purchase :)you can get a travel sized primer potion i think they are $9 or $10 depending on what packaging you like haha or the full sized one are $20 on their website :)

      Thanks again :) hehe xx

    2. Wow, girl, you're so lucky! You got 2 palettes!!! I haven't got 1 yet LoL. *sad face*

    3. Haha i got bought the 1st one for my birthday then I saved up and invested in the 2nd one :) so glad i did though well worth the money :) they cost £36 in the UK i think in the US n Canada they are $50 aint they? xx save save save you wont regret it :D xx