Monday, 22 April 2013

Tag | I heart spring

Hello everyone..
So I thought I'd do a different post today and decided to do the "I heart spring" tag :) This tag was created by Missglamorazzi so check out her YouTube channel if you haven't already! She's so cute and does great beauty videos (I'm obsessed!)
I wasn't directly tagged by anyone, I just watched the video and decided it would be a fun and different post to do. Plus its spring and I'm feeling very seasonal ;)
So lets get into it :)

The Questions!

1. Favourite spring nail polish?
The nail polish I've been loving at the moment is Rimmel london Lycra pro in the colour pink is me.

2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?
My must have lip colour for spring would have to be bright pinks and as you know I LOVE the rimmel London Apocalips lip lacquers and at the moment iv been loving the colour nova for spring/summer

I have also been loving Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake 

3. Show us your favourite spring dress!
I'm not a dress wearing type of girl but I do have one dress that  I wore quite a lot last spring/summer and I think it will be making another appearance this year.

4. What's your favourite flower?
My favourite flower is a pink/ purple oriental Lilly
I think that's what they're called

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?
I don't really wear scarf's or accessories so I'd have to say my spring favourite would be my Pandora and Links of London bracelets as I wear them all the time in the spring/summer

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)
For makeup its definitely, nude matte face and bright bold pinks n red lips my favourite look! 
For fashion I love the pastels and floral prints for spring.

7. Favourite spring candle?
I don't really use candles in the spring/summer but if I did buy candles it would be Glade Candle Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine 
Product Image
and Glade candle Magnolia and Vanilla 

I also like Glad candle With Love
Product Image

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?
I seem to wear the same perfume all year round, Paco Rabanne Lady Million But for a more fruity scent in the spring summer I do reach more towards my Britney Spears Curious (smells lovely but doesn't last all day) or an all time favourite of mine Calvin Klein CK in2u 

9. What is spring like where you live?
Spring in the UK is unpredictable, mostly rains and is cold but a little warmer then winter. The wind is still cold which drives me mad!! but when there's not clouds and no wind it can get pretty warm (for me anyway, I'm always cold)

10. What's your favourite thing about spring?
The flowers! being able to get out n do my garden and the fact its starting to warm up so I don't have to wear ridiculous amount of layers just to keep warm. I'm very much a summer girl!! anything below 30 degree C is cold for me :( 

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
Yes! I do little spring cleans all year round but e sunny weather puts me in the mood for deep cleaning :)

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
I'm going to Butlins Skegness in may for a family holiday and I'm so excited for it. We went last year and absolutely loved it! Now Tia is a bit older she will be able to do more things and it should be even better then last year :)

So hope you liked this post and enjoyed getting to know a little about me :) I'm thinking of doing some more tag posts if your interested?? let me know :) 

I tag HaysparkleOn The Dressing TableMeg - Wounderful--you, Beth - Bonssbeauty 
and anyone else that would like to do this tag :) If you do decide to give it ago please tweet me your links for your blogs, or leave them in the comments I'd love to read them :) 

Speak soon
Much love 


  1. Great Tag Dee :) Love that dress too its so pretty xxxx

    1. thanks :) I got it from Newlook :)
      I realised after I posted it that i forgot to add the candles I liked so I just added them in haha xx