Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sleek || brow kit || Review

I've heard alot about sleek products especially their blushes, alot of hype about how outragiously bright they look in pan but then how lovely they go on ur cheeks. 
So you can imagin my excitement when I found that superdrug in Norwich sell sleek products!! 

As much as I wanted to get all their blushes, I did manage to stop myself and just picked up their brow kit. How it was positioned on the stand it did look like the label said it was £4.49 but when I got to the check out it came to £8.49 (turns out the label was for the product next to the brow kit and the brow kit wasn't labelled):( never mind still not too bad for what u get. 

The kit comes with a pair on mini tweeters, a mini angled brush and a mini flat brush, you also get a powder and a cream eyebrow colour. The cream colour does seem to show up a bit darker then the powder but then that's expected. 

This comes in four different shade, Light, Dark, Extra Dark and Black. Why the didn't call Dark, Medium, I don't know :S but I suppose it is a little bit darker then a medium shade would be or maybe they added the extra dark shade at a later date, who knows? 
I picked up the shade Dark as my eyebrows are basically black but I have very fine hairs and are quite sparse so didn't want to get a darker colour as it would be too dark for me. (if that makes sense?)

I love the little brushes that come with the kit, I find them very easy to use and then are just the right size for me to get a nice shape with my eyebrows.

 I haven't really used the cream colour as I like to keep a natural look with my eyebrows and find that a powder is best for doing that. However I absolutely love love love the powder it's pigmented just enough so its not too over powdering but then you don't have to use loads to get a nice colour output.

I did try the tweezers once and personally the are not for me I found that because they are so compact they tend to feel a bit stiff when trying to grab the hairs, or is that just me? Let me know.
The packaging looks amazing, very professional and "sleek" so to speak, even though its very simple n plain I think it looks great I really like it. The brow kit is also very compact and is great for taking with you in your make-up bag for on the go touch ups or for travelling and the best thing is you wont need to bring tweeters or brushes with you because its all included :)
I would go as far as to compare this to the benefit brow kit, it looks exactly the same the product is just as good from what I am told, I don't own the benefit brow kit but a friend of mine does and we compared, and its a fraction of the price of benefit! result! :)

Overall view
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes definitely especially if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the benefit brow kit.
  • Do I think this product is worth the money: Yes!
  • Would I repurchase this product: Yes but I can't see myself needing to for a very long time! 
  • Does this product live up to the hype: Oh yes!!
  • Would I recommend this brand: Yes their products are at a high end quality but more affordable.
Well I hope you like this little review. About time I review something other then Urban Decan haha. 
If you have tried this product I'd love to know your thoughts about it. Thanks for reading.

Speak soon.
Much love 


  1. this brow kit looks so nice! I don't think they have it in Canada. However, it is kinda similar to brow kit from Benefit. check it out ;)

    Good job for the review Deanne :)

  2. Thanks :) I love how much you like my posts :D makes me happy!
    Sleek have a website www.sleekmakeup.com Im not sure if they ship internationality but worth checking it out. If not could always try amazon :)

    I was going to get the benefit one but I think the sleek one is just as good and less expensive hehe

    Thanks again xx