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MAC | Pro longwear concealer | Review | My thoughts

Hello again..
So as I mentioned in my previous post (link here) I recently purchased the MAC pro longwear concealer after I was recommended it by a MAC online consultant.

You get 9ml (0.30 us fl oz) of product for £14.50 which I think is a little over priced :/
It comes in a glass jar, which i really like (just hope I don't drop it in my bathroom) 

This concealer uses a pump applicator, like you would find on a foundation bottle, which I think looks good and is something I haven't seen before on a concealer. However it does mean you have to be extra careful when applying the product to the back of your hand as you can easily end up with too much product therefore wasting some of it, and lets face it at that price you don't really want to be wasting it.
 I use my fingers to warm up and apply the product to my eye area then I blend it in with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush, which is perfect for getting right in the corners of your eyes.

In the picture I only used half a pump and it covered over half of the back of my hand, granted I have small hands, but you get my drift. I'd say the coverage is a light medium but you can build to a thicker medium coverage, although if you apply too much it tends to look cakey.
When I first used this concealer, truthfully I didn't like it at all! It feels creamy to start with but as you start to blend it into you eye area it starts to dry really quickly and feels slightly cakey and hard to blend so you have to be really quick and do one eye at a time. I found that it stuck to my dry areas around my eyes (My eye area gets pretty dry) so it looked cakey and my fine lines showed a lot more then usual.

However I wasn't going to give up! As I bought this from Debenhams online, not a MAC counter and here in the UK once we have opened a product we can't return it for hygiene reasons ect. (MAC do allow you to return up to 14 days after trying the product) I wasn't able to return or exchange the product so I contacted MAC online and they said I needed to use an eye cream and make sure my under eye area is well moisturised before using it.

So that's exactly what I did, I bought an eye cream and used the concealer with the eye cream and have recently been applying mass amount of moisturiser to my face and eye area and it works so much better! Also I found it doesn't crease under my eyes which is a must for me! and it does last a pretty long time, not all day though as I rub and touch my eye area a lot (bad habit I know)

I think this concealer is definitely one of the better ones if used and I do love it for brightening up around the area and hiding any red areas!  

I will continue to find new and different ways of applying the concealer to find out the best way for me so watch this space.

Overall view:
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes If you use a good eye cream first, and you under eye area isn't too dry.
  • Do I think the product is worth the money: Not too sure just yet.
  • Would I repurchase this product: Maybe! Depending how long it lasts me
  • Does this product live up to the hype: For me, not yet but I havn't made up my mind about it yet so we will see.
Hope this review wasn't too confusing for you (I got confused writing it!) 
If you have used this product please let me know your thoughts a views on it and any tips and tricks you might have for it.

Thanks for reading 
Speak soon 
Much love

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