Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mac | First purchase | Thoughts | Review

Hello again..
Ok so I had my eye on mac products for a while love the 
look of their lipsticks but just don't know if I can bring myself to spend £14 on one lipstick :/ but anyway I was on the look out for a new concealer for my undereye area and heard a great deal about mac ones. So I thought I would try get the money together to invest in one save me keep buying "drugstore" concealers and hating them.

I also NEEDED to invest in a brush cleanser for my fabulous real techniques brushes (blog post coming soon..) Again heard A LOT about Macs brush cleanser so I worked out I would need to get to get £25 for theses goodies which I could do in a couple of weeks or ask the other half for one or the other ;) 

But the weirdest thing happened!! I had to phone my bank to check some payments and they asked about setting up a PIN number for over the phone ect. She asked for my address, I gave, she said wasn't registered witch was weird as I moved 2 years ago and I get my bank statements to this address :S long story short, I had to walk down to the bank to change my address AGAIN but for the inconvenience they would put £25 into my account (YAY!!) so I was able to make my mac purchase :D hehe (thank you Mr. bank man!) 

So anyway back on topic, after talking to a Mac girl online I was recommended to get the pro longwear concealer in NW 20. So that is the one I got, I also got the brush cleanser.

My first impressions, I love how sleek and professional the packaging looks. I was a little surprised how small the concealer was, I don't know why I was expecting it to be bigger, but truthfully I was! On the other hand I was surprised how big the brush cleaner was, I think my size judgement is a little off (oops!) 

I wont go into too much detail about the products as I will be doing reviews on them separately. I just wanted to share my excitement and thoughts on my first ever purchase of Mac products.

Well I haven't been disappointed!! I can't wait to save up some more pennies and make another purchase from them! Maybe something a little bigger next time though :)

Well hope you enjoyed this post! I know its a little different. Leave comments with anything you have bought from Mac and absolutely love or if there was anything you didn't like from Mac

Speak soon
Much love


  1. I have yet to make my first MAC purchase as well...just haven't had the money for that kind of luxury. Hope something similar will happen to my bank hehe

    1. the brush cleanser is great n only £9.50 pretty cheep compared to some iv seen. its worth saving up to get something from mac though id suggest going to a MAC counter first before makeing a purchase. I didnt but I wish I had. I hope you do manage to get some money together to make a purchase :) I'd love to know what you end up getting :) I wont be making another purchase for a LONG time :(