Friday, 26 April 2013

Family day | Fun in the sun at the beach

Hello everyone..
So the suns been shining away in the UK recently and yesterday (Thursday 25th) was Olis day off and he decided he wanted to take us (me and Tia) to Great Yarmouth beach, bless him! Usually one of us gets a lay in (till 8.30 or 9ish) on Olis days off, but we all got up together at 7.30 Oli got ready while I got Tia ready then I got ready while Oli done the lunch and packed up the car.. Teamwork!!

I do love a good old trip to the beach :) the last time we went was when we went to Haven Holiday park in Hopton last summer, and with Tia being a little bit older now and actually liking the sand I have to admit I was quite excited hehe. 
Of course we went straight on the beach first! even though it was only about 11am! so the sea breeze was..COLD!! well I was freezing!

For me, one of the best things about family days out, other then the obvious spending time as a family, has to be being able to watch Oli and Tia have "Daddy-Daughter time" I don't know why or what it is but there's nothing that makes me more happier then when I see or hear the laughter and playfulness that comes from them two, It makes my heart melt and fills me with so much happiness! Tia is most definitely a Daddy's girl!!

Tia absolutely loved the sand this time and had a great time making sandcastles and throwing stones in the sea (we made double sure she knew not to throw stones at people as that leads to accidents! if you know me you will know why!... Stones hurt!!)

We also spent some time in the arcades Tia was much more interested in the rides more then anything else so we took her to the little Joy land that they have. To say she loved it would be an understatement! haha bless her!  

I'm quite surprised how nice the weather was, especially for the UK in april! but im not complaining at all!! At about 1 or 2 the weather really started to brighten up and the breeze died down a lot! just hope the nice weather stays! 
We had a little look around the town, as I NEEDED some new sunglasses because Tia decided to break mine a while back and they kept falling off my face (soo annoying!)
Oli bought me a dream catcher which I love!! I used to be obessed with them when I was younger so that was really sweet of him :D

He also bought me some sunglasses and a case so Tia can't get her hands on them haha! These were from new look £2.99 and the case was also £2.99

So all in all it was a really nice day we did get some dinky doughnuts of course you have to when you're at the beach!!
Hope this post wasn't too boring I thought I'd just share with you our lovely family day at the beach :) I'm pretty sure this has ended up different to what I had originally planned but never mind that's what blogs are about right? a little slice of my life ;) 

Let me know what you think of these types of posts :) 

Speak soon
Much love 


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