Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette || Review and my thoughts of it.

I know this palette has been reviewed thousands of times, however, I wanted to do a review from my opinion and share my thoughts on it, as I know some people still have yet to try it :)

Let me first start by saying, I have NEVER owned "high-end" make-up before.. like ever! So this is all new to me and you can imagine my excitement when I was bought this last month (feb) for a late birthday present (my birthday is in October)so you will have to excuse my lateness of jumping on this band wagon hehe ;)

Anyway.. The Urban Decay Naked palette looks like this..

You get 12 eye shadow shades ranging from your highlighter shades to your darker colours. 

The colours are:
VirginA pinkish/white shade, ideal for highlighting.

SinA shimmer pink shade.

NakedA matte light brown/beige, good for a base colour over the lid.

SidecarA shimmer slightly darker beige.

BuckA matte medium brown colour, ideal for in the crease.

Half Baked A lovely gold shimmer shadow.

Smog - A shimmer dark goldish/bronze.

DarkhorseA off-brown with a hint of shimmer.

ToastedA light pinkish/purple shade with a slight metallic shimmer.

HustleA shimmer deep brownie/purple shade.

Creep - A metallic black with a small about of shimmer.

GunmetalA metallic grey/blue, gunmetal colour with a little shimmer.

I absolutely adore this palette! every single shadow is very pigmented and you don't need to use a lot of product to achieve a fantastic look, but they are also build-able for a more dramatic look, so I can see this palette lasting my a very very long time!

With the palette you get a travel size bottle of the UD primer potion, which id like to add is incredible, although not necessarily needed, however I like to use if everyday before applying my eye shadows as it feels amazing and super soft and creamy.

You also get a full sized UD pro-quality good karma shadow brush. Now being new to UD I haven't used any of their brushes before but this brush is amazing, picks up the shadows really well and lets you achieve even placement of product on you eyelids. Very pleased as this brush retails at £14 so is a brilliant freebie.

Well what else can I say that hasn't already been said! I honestly don't know what has taken me so long to get my hands on this product.. oh wait yes I do.. the price tag :/ I could never justify paying £36 for some eye shadows but now I have it and it was a gift I can quite easily justify it now :)

I done a blog post on a look I created using this palette so if you haven't already check it out ;) 

Urban decay naked palette play around.

Overall view:

  • Would i recommend this product: Yes Definitely
  • Do I think the product is worth the money: Yes for everything you get with it.
  • Do I think this product lives up to the hype: YES
  • Overall rating for this product: another well deserved 10/10. A must in every girls make-up collection.
If you have tried this product I'd love to know your thoughts and view on this.
Hope you enjoyed this and will speak again soon.

Much love


  1. i love the palette *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thanks :) I checked out your blog and followed it :)

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  2. I've never tried the Urban Decay Naked palette either - I know, that's a sin. Love the look of Smog and Toasted, though. Great review.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Oh it is a definate must have and worth the money!! Thanks :) I love ur blog! Just followed it :) xx

  3. I've not yet got this palette but I am for sure definitely get it since it gets so many good reviews ^.^
    Perhaps, we should keep in touch so we can learn more from one another ^.^


    1. You should get it. I seriously don't know what took me so long to get it haha it's amazing yeah sure that sounds good :) xx

    2. As you said, it was the price that holding me back LoL. And especially in Vancouver, tax is ridiculous :(

    3. Oh yeah that's true, all our prices in uk include tax so we don't have to add it on so much easier i don't even realise we pay tax most the time haha. It's definitely worth the money though a very good investment. Start saving and treat yourself ;) you won't regret it :) xx

  4. I haven't got this palette! It definitly looks like a "must have". Great review!

    Keep in touch x


    1. It sure is a must have if you like ur warmer natural colours :) it's great definitely worth the money!! Xx