Sunday, 17 March 2013

Garnier || Moister Match Moisturiser || Review

Hello everyone :) 

So recently with the cold weather we've been having, my skins been a little dry. I normaly have normal/combination skin, I do tend to get oily sometimes but the cold weather has been drying my skin out too much :( so I was on the look out for a new moisturiser one that would brighten my skin up a little and get the moister back in.
I'm terrible at remembering to moisturise my face so I was ideally looking for one that I would have to use a lot but still done the trick. 
Anyway I was in Superdrug and I came across this...

The new Garnier moister match 
I got this for £3.99 special offer but I think they are usually £5.99. Worth it though.
I picked up the one for dull skin just to give my skin a little wake up boost in the winter months, this is a gel based moisturiser very hydrating, so much so I only had to use it twice to really notice a diference. Although at first I thought this was a little too hydrating for my skin however after recently using it again I found if u used the smallest about it did feel smooth on my skin and felt similar to a face primer. The textur of the gel is amazing and so smooth it's a nice way to apply a moisturiser and dries in seconds! 

I will definitely be going to pick up the one for combination/oily skin as I think that will be a good one to try for my skin type. 

These moisturisers definitely do hydrate your skin for 24hrs and I'd say this it possibly the best moisturiser I have used. You only need a small amount so don't let the size of the packaging fool you a little goes a very long way!!

Overall view:

Would I repurchase this product: Yes
Am I satisfied this product does what it claimed to: Yes
Overall rating of this product: 10/10 amazing moisturiser love the feel of it and it dries in seconds without making your skin feel tacky.
Would I recommend this product: yes definitely!! 

Hope you enjoyed this. Comment and let me know what you think and your thoughts if you have tried this product also let me know what else you would like me to blog about :)

Much love 


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