Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shopping Spree || Day Out With My Mum || Haul

Hello again. 
So tuesday me and my mum went to Norwich for our yearly after Christmas shopping trip :) I'd managed to save up quite a bit of money for this so was very excited!! Hehe
I thought I'd do a little blog with a mini haul of what I managed to get and how our day went :D

So when we got into Norwich we went straight to chapel field Pizza Hut for some lunch as we were starving!! It was lovely and we a nice chat!! 
When we were finished I wanted to look in bank and JD I was after some new trainers for my little girl but found absolutely nothing!! Loads for boys but nothing for girls!! So disappointed!!

The main reason for the shopping trip other then quality time with my mum, was to get some new jeans from river island but when we looked in there we found nothing and all the size 8s were different sizes :S I know!! what's going on?? 

So mum wanted to get me a late birthday present and said I could either have a links of London charm or something else. I decided we'd look in House of Fraser Asia had my eye on something from urban decay :) 

This is what I got from urban decay in House of Fraser;
List of products and prices if interested (highly recommend these products!) 
Left to right: 
Naked palette (my birthday present from mum) £36
Primer potion free sample size with naked palette normal size £15
All nighter setting spray 30ml sample size £9 normal size £19.50 (mines sample size)
Urban decay supercurl curling mascara was in a free samples bag; worth £15!!

Quite impressed with what I got s and mum had a look around chapplefield for a bit longer then decided to go into then castle mall, we passed a superdrug, I wanted to get some more real techniques brushes so we went and had a look and to my surprise I found that they sold sleek cosmetics make up :O I'd heard a lot about this brand so had a look; 
This is what Id picked up,

Sleek brow kit in medium dark On the label I thought it said £5.49 (bargain) but got to the still and it was £8.49 still good though :)
Mum picked up a new mascara and free eyeliner aswell so that was good.

We the make a move to find lush, I'd never been in lush before so was pretty excited to try their stuff,  I knew I wanted a lip scrub so was planning on just buying that. £20 later.. Haha 

The Comforter Bubble Bar £4.25 each smells soo nice
Roots Scalp Cream £9.95 for 225g but u only use it once a month so will last ages
Popcorn Lip Scrub £5.25 each I wanted the bubble gum flavour but they had just sold the last one so this was the next best one. 
I will definitely be going back to lush to buy more goodies as soon as you walk into the shop your hit with the smell of the products. If I had to compare, as I am a body shop fan, I'd definitely say lush is 10 times better and better value for money, worth paying that little bit extra!!

We finally got to the castle mall and got stopped by a sales man with the cheesiest pick up line, "excuse me you dropped something.." To which me and mum looking at each other thinking I know I haven't dropped anything, so we look back just incase n he adds... "The key to my heart!" Well I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway in the end he managed to get me to sign up to love film for £4.99 for 3 months and he gave me £2 so 3 months of love film for £2.99 was a deal!! 

We then went into la senza and mum treated herself to some bits from there. I won't go into details haha. 
So then we ended up in new look as i was determined to get a new pair of jeans! well i was quite honestly disappointed in some of the things in new look, except me and mum saw these amazing pair of heels! in the sale £25 instead of..... dun dun dun.... £75 but just couldn't bring ourselves to buy them knowing we'd never wear them. I did however manage to get a pair of jeans in the 25% sale so instead of £10 they where £7... deal!

We then went into the early learning centre as i wanted to treat my little girl to something but didnt have a clue what to get her. I settled with buying her a craola set which she loves! On the way back to the car i went back into JD and decided to treat my other half to a new pair of track suit bottoms for the gym.. he was very pleased with them when i got home.

So that was the end of the days shopping trip with me and my mum we both had a lovely time and it was really good to spend quality time with her. :) we were also able to have a good long chat on the way there and back.

Sorry for the essay hope it wasn't too boring ;) 
I will be doing some product reviews of some of the things i bough if anyone is interested!  :)
Hope you enjoyed this let me know any thoughts. 

Much love

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